Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Essential places to learn ADF

For anyone embark someway in Oracle ADF, new or expert, there is training available at Oracle Education or at Oracle Partners around the world and to complement these training there are good blogs and books to help you in your ADF adventure.

This post is to point you to two other important ADF resources any ADF developer should have in their primary set of bookmarks :-

One is the ADF EMG (Enterprise Methodology Group), a google group for ADF developers made by ADF developers. Founded by Chris Muir, the group, at time of writing, has more than 500 members.
A few of them are ADF experts, some are Oracle Aces, some AceDs, and are continuously contributing to ADF via blogs, presentations at conferences etc..
The group is a place to share best practices and learn from real life cases, share opinions etc..
It is also a place to exchange ideas with Oracle ADF product team who are also members of the group.
If you are not a member yet, point your browser to ADF EMG to register.

The other resource on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is Oracle ADF Insider.
It is a very good place to learn more on the framework after an academic training or books reading.
It contains recorded sessions for each topic and covers from basics to advanced features.
Recently its content has been extended with a section called ADF Insider Essentials which deals with common and recurring tasks that every developer has to face at one moment or the other.
Each ADF Essential topic is available in a recorded session presented by ADF experts and covering ADF BC, ADF Model, ADF Controller and ADF Faces.

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